I will be you hotel Revenue Manager

be you hotel Revenue Manager

About This Gig

I am Naike, a young Italian professional of the tourism sector. I've worked and still am working as Revenue Manager, Marketing Manager and Product Developer for an International Hotel chain and small hotels and touristic facilities. 

I have a degree in Languages and Cultures for Tourism (in English and Spanish) and an MBA in Economics for Tourism and several abroad experiences in USA and UK. I am also a Travel Blogger and Social Media and Events Manager. 

So, I am experienced, but what can I do for you?

As Revenue Manager I can:

  • help you set your pricing strategy
  • study your hotel history and give you advice on the following months
  • analyse and give you benchmark and competitors studies
  • help you defining your next year budget
  • help you defining your future months forecasts
  • assist you in anything related on the Revenue Management of your facility

Please notice: the 5 dollars gig is based on a basic consultation on a single day pricing optimization based on the competitors you'll indicate. For the other and more complete services please check Extra Gigs.