I will do full body Reiki

do full body Reiki
do full body Reiki
do full body Reiki

About This Gig

### Full Body Distant Reiki Energy Healing to Heal you from any distance.

IMP: Plz message me with your reason for healing, your name and location before you buy this gig.

Are you emotionally or physically feeling tired and stressed?

Are you in pain, suffering from chronic illness and looking for energy boost?

I’ll heal your body using powerful divine light of Reiki. I’ll transfer strong energy to relive you from your pain and bring you strength and peace.

I’ll do a full body reiki to improve flow of positive chi and blood circulation.

Check extra for super Reiki healing energy boost. RECOMMENDED FOR ENERGY BOOST IN BODY.

In addition, I’ll do following for free-

  • I will improve vibration frequency of body

Requirement- Name, reason of healing, date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, current place of living, photo.

I would love to help you if you would honor me with the privilege. Blessings!

Notice: Reiki is not a cure! It is a holistic approach to help you minimize your pain.