I will send you retire in thailand ebook

send you retire in thailand ebook
send you retire in thailand ebook

About This Gig

There is always a good reason to want to impart information. This book has been compiled to help expats from all over the world to understand about the opportunities which await them during their retirement in Thailand. The facts are presented in a no nonsense way so that a life changing decision can be made without risk. It's never wise to move into a new life without knowing the facts.
The pages of the book cover health, cost of living, locations and also how to secure your future, even if you take a leap of faith and find Thailand disappoints. It's realistic and gives you stepping stones that carefully help you to tread until unknown waters without fear, and to minimize any risk factor.
The book also encourages readers to ask for more information if indeed questions need to be asked, though it's unlikely that they will not find the answers within the pages of the book. However, the writer is always pleased to hear from people who are considering taking this step toward a richer lifestyle on a lower budget.  
WHY YOU SHOULD BUY FROM ME: I lived in Thailand for more than 7 years and happily married to Thai woman.

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