I will send 2000 to 8000 unique IP visitors a day to any web link

send 2000 to 8000 unique IP visitors a day to any web link

About This Gig

For a fiver, I will send you 2000 to 8000 genuine unique IP visitors to any website, video, url, blog, item being sold on ebay, etc for a day.

Most people ask for unique visitors from a specific country, but that gives you away to google for using targeted forwarding and cause them to punish your site/link in search rankings.

What I do, is to forward you visitors that reflects the global internet traffic density at any particular moment, so based on the current data, 80% of the visitors that I send will be from the USA, CANADA AND EU.

I DO NOT gurantee visitors from any specific country and won't be able to fulfill such requests, I forward global traffic from several thousands of sites where genuine human visitors are redirected with pop-ups, click baits and catchy descriptions (based on the content you want to promote).

I can gurantee you of 2000 to 8000 visitors a day and for each day that you want me to forward traffic to your link; I charge $5.

Do kindly purchase enough gigs to reflect the number of days you require me to be forwarding to you.

I do consider longer term engagements and I am open to custom gigs so do message and discuss your special requirements.

Order Details

7 days delivery


I will send you between 2000 and 8000+ unique IP visitors to any web url or link you provide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide targetted traffic from a specific country;
    No - I do not provide targetted traffic from a specific country, for your own good and also for ours, targetting specific country IP's draws google's attention to the forwarding and leads to your site / url being punished in google search rankings.
  • How long does it take to notice the traffic boost?
    Depending on the systems you use to monitor traffic, you will notice the traffic boost from immediately to 24 hours, there are several resources on the internet to measure traffic going to a particular url and you are invited to use independent systems to verify the traffic we forward to you.
  • How much traffic can you provide?
    A single gig of $5 gurantees you a boost of one day, which can comprise of 2000 to 8000+ of unique IP visitors, we use a combilation of pop-ups on thousands of websites, click bait and attractive headlines to drive traffic and this depends on the global traffic density.
  • Can you gurantee me of this traffic boost?
    Yes, you are assured of this, we give clients ample time to confirm that they have seen the boost in traffic and verified this with independent tools before we deliver the gig. A client is assured of gaining their desired traffic being sent to their url/ link or website before the gig is delivered.
  • Are you available for longer engagements?
    Yes, our gig of $5, is for a day of traffic boost, however if you require the boost in traffic to be longer than a day, we are available to discuss the lenght and of course the price will be negotiable depending on the length of time you want to have the boost in traffic.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes you are guranteed a refund if we fail to deliver your request, however once we have delivered and you have confirmed that you have observed the boost in traffic, we are sorry we cannot refund at that point as you cannot return a virtual product or service.