I will teach you to loose 7kg,15lb, in one week

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Reviewed by slimsol over 1 year ago
Thanks. I received and was able to print and save the soup diet. Of course now I need to try it! Looks good and I will let you know if I lose 15 lbs in one week! Would be nice! Also if I do I will recommend you on my site which you also could recommend to others. Let's keep in touch? !! Sara
Reviewed by sarafive over 1 year ago
teach you to loose 7kg,15lb, in one week
teach you to loose 7kg,15lb, in one week

About This Gig

I will send you a pdf explaining everything about this diet, including the recipes and a 7 day plan.

A lot is said about types of diets when it comes to lose a few pounds and lose weight. After all, it is the dream of all people to reach an amazing silhouette. One of the most famous diets is the soup diet, and for a long time we've heard about the use of soups and broths in search for the ideal body, or at least to lose weight fast.

This is one of the easiest diets to prepare and can be done by anyone and have rapid effects for weight loss.

The soup recipe was created at the Heart Institute of the University of Sao Paulo (the biggest and best in Brazil) especially for patients with heart problems and need to lose weight fast for surgical procedures. For its fame it became the diet of choice for many people and one of the most effective diets to lose weight at great speed. (If the steps are followed with discipline you should loose around 7kg or 15lb in only one week.)