I will post your guest post with dofollow backlink on a health blog

post your guest post with dofollow backlink on a health blog

About This Gig

I will post your article on a health and fitness blog with a powerful do-follow backlink.

★The most effective SEO tactics
★The most powerful way to rank in Google
★Fully natural, Panda and Penguin save!

I'll need from you:
  • Your website or page URL
  • An 500+ words article in a category of health, well-being, fitness, yoga, healthy eating, vitamins & supplements etc.
  • A keyword (preferably a longtail keyword)

You'll receive from me following:
  1. I'll copyscape the article
  2. I'll proofread and fix it
  3. I'll format and seo optimize it
  4. I'll publish it
  5. I'll add a powerful in context backlink to your site
  6. There will be a revision for total customer happiness

Only from decent to stellar quality articles will be accepted. No spun articles!

All links will all be do-follow. These are just the kind of backlinks that Google wants to see. Fully natural, fully Penguin-Panda-you name an animal-save.

This is the best SEO you can do for 5 bucks!

Order Details

1 blog post. 1 do-follow backlink.

You'll provide the article. I will copyscape it, do the formatting and publish it = great backlink!

3 days delivery 1 Revision