I will translate Korean to English

translate Korean to English

About This Gig

I will translate Korean to English if you need!
For each gig you order, I will translate 200 Korean words to English. Please mind that more than 200 words will count an extra gig, so please try to keep it very close to 200 words or else extra gig will be added!

Please send your documents or texts in .pdf or .doc

Usually, the translation will be done within 14 days. But if you need fast translation, extra gig(s) will be added depending on the amount of translation needed to be done. (Message me beforehand about this!)

If you have more than 1 page to translate, please tell me beforehand so that I have time to translate carefully and give it back to you on time!

If you need extra fast delivery for long translations (more than 4000 words), $40 will be added for each week. (For example, if you order a normal gig, it would be the number of words that will cost you. If you need it in 3 weeks, $40 will be added for extra delivery. If within 2 weeks, another $40 would be added)


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