I will share with you what your partner type is for $5

share with you what your partner type is
share with you what your partner type is

About This Gig

Do people always ask you "So, what's your type?!" and you're stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. You've practically dated across the board and wondering what you even "go for", anymore?

It's true. We ALL have a type (yes, even myself!) and yet we are confused why we're not getting the relationship results we want. 

I read astrological charts and will share with you what type of man or woman you will feel most attracted to, thereby massively boosting your chances of feeling comfortable and secure in your relationship. It will make perfect sense why you feel drawn to a certain type of person.

When you purchase this gig, all I require is your date of birth and if you are male or female. 

As an Author, Priestess, Intuitive Clair-cognizant Psychic as well as Consultant, my experience and expertise spans way past continent and countries, into lasting and time old wisdom that is often the solution to modern day life issues. I show you different angles to look at your "problem" and will enable you to see the blessing in disguise as well as solve the issue at hand, with expert advice.