I will mix And Master Your Song for $5

/ 4 Days On Average
mix And Master Your Song
mix And Master Your Song
mix And Master Your Song
mix And Master Your Song

About This Gig

Small Home Studio. I put hours of work into your song, for just 5$
I will provide quality work in an honest amount of work time. 

Your Requirements:
  • Song length cannot exceed 7 minutes
  • Maximum of 8 Tracks (DI Inputs) (does not include drums)
  • All tracks must be aligned, and all sett to the correct BPM
  • You must provide a BPM

If you provide DI tracks with no effects i can take them and build a song, if they are already set the way you want them to sound, the process will go faster. Provide as much detail as you can, so the song turns out the way you want it. 

Example: send me RAW Direct Files or DI's and i can use all of the hardware and software at my disposal to create everything from scratch, including a guitar tone, bass tone, and vocals. 

Send the processed .WAV files, and i can mix the project, and then master it. 

For instance:

Type of Music
Instruments used to record, signal chains, the more detail the better.

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