I will suggest an enticing and perfect name and tagline

suggest an enticing and perfect name and tagline

About This Gig

Do you need an Enticing and perfect Name and Tagline/Slogan that will:

  • Make your company a household name
  • Increase traffic leads and sales
  • strengthen a tired brand
  • Stick with your customers long after they leave
  • Add legitimacy & professionalism to your brand
  • Educate your audience quickly
  • Stimulate buyer confidence
  • Separate your business from the competition
  • Inject some personality to your company

Then allow me to share my vision and outside the box perception with you and your project.

If you order this gig, because I know what is in a good name; I will brainstorm a list of names using your business concept, I will come up with a few keywords, do a quick domain check and then narrow it down to a few decent names and finally I will present 5 names for you to find out which one is perfect for you. I will also do the same thing for your Tagline/Slogan.

  This is because I won’t just write down the first things that come to mind and send them to you.

For $5 I will write 3 taglines for you and give you 2 for free. I will also give you free unlimited revisions.

Order this gig now and thank me later!!!

Feel free to contact me via message before ordering.