I will help with Georgia related questions

help with Georgia related questions
help with Georgia related questions

About This Gig

This Gig is for 1 hour service. 


I am from Tbilisi, Georgia. I am a native speaker of Russian and Georgian languages with a good command of English language.

It would be my pleasure to help you in different fields related to your trip to Georgia.

I can offer you the following professional service:

  • Information on Georgian visa requirements
  • Internet and telephone (within Georgia) research
  • Summarizing reviews/information related to historical places, hotels, restaurants and services
  • Assistance in hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Information about travel tours
  • Information related to agencies organizing  events, wedding planners
  • Write a text (500 words) about the country, cities, historical places and places of interest, resorts, etc.

If you do not see a service on the list, kindly contact me to discuss. Most likely I will be able to help you. 

I will accomplish your order in a timely and efficient manner to your complete satisfaction.

100 percent money back guarantee if not satisfied with the service.

If you are interested, I would appreciate it if you could contact me first and discuss the project/task before you place the Gig.

Order Details

3 days delivery