I will review the quality of English Chinese translation

review the quality of  English Chinese translation

About This Gig

  • Cannot make sure if the translation quality between Chinese and English is good or poor? 
  • I can help you on this way!
  • As a neutral third party and the top rated English and Chinese translater on fiverr,  I have sufficient ability and experience to provide an objective and fair review for the quality of  the translation you received.
  • you can find my translation service gig here as a reference of my quality:  https://www.fiverr.com/nativechina/translate-mandarin-chinese-into-english-or-english-into-chinese-300-words
  • Please order one gig and send me the content that need to be reviewed, then I will check the quality of translation up to 1000 words. Finally, I will provide you a rating sheet, which include the rating for accuracy, grammar,syntax, vocabulary, fluency, punctuation,etc.