I will create your personal All Natural Lip Balm

create your personal All Natural Lip Balm

About This Gig

I will put any Name on my All Natural Lip Balm. 
Original (No Flavor) - Total of Three All Natural Lip Balm.

Ingredients to avoid:

1. Fragrances and artificial colors can cause lip irritation.

2. Menthol, camphor and phenol - Cool and anesthetize the lips, but can also dry your lips and/or produce redness and swelling.

3. Alcohol - Is also a drying ingredient.

4. Salicylic acid - Exfoliates and relieves pain but don’t use if you’re allergic to aspirin.

Ingredients in my All Natural Lip Balm Listed Below:

1. Organic Soybean Oil
2. Sunflower Oil
3. Palm Oil
4. Organic Olive Oil
5. Avocado Oil
6. Vitamin E
7. Beeswax
8. Coca Butter
9. Shea Butter

Hi, my name is Saige and I'm in 2nd grade. I am selling my All Natural Lip Balm on Fiverr so I can grow my business and save money for college. Please e-mail me with any questions. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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