I will be your singer for any musical purpose

Reviewed by omarazizi 9 months ago
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Amazing work, creative and professional!
Reviewed by winskidenhartog over 1 year ago
delicieux, cooperative and trustworthy seller
Reviewed by tjmusic over 1 year ago
be your singer for any musical purpose
be your singer for any musical purpose

About This Gig

Please check out my gig extras and choose wisely or inbox me questions

Please state what you would want to be done, if your song duration pass 30 seconds please add a extra 5 dollar gig from the original order

  • And if i do the song  which you order a 5 dollar gig and the song eventually pass 30 seconds up to 1:00 or more you would need to purchase a next additional gig extra of 5 more dollars

  • If you don't have a instrumental choose my gig extras

  • If you need the project files choose the gig extras that states it

  • If your song is  three(3)minutes or more choose the gig extras that says i will do complete song, including backing vocals, delays, reverb, EQ, Compression etc


Please note you may not sell this on (iTunes, amazon, etc) or use my name without my permission 
This gig is create for reasons like (fun. personal use or to promote your business). 

you have non exclusive use on less you buy the exclusive use gig extras