I will make professional Android app for you

make professional Android app for you

About This Gig

About This Gig

If you are :
  • facing problem while developing an app ?
  • You are unable to convert your eclipse project to android studio!
  • Or eclipse is acting strange for your app?
  • Looking to add features to your existing app?
  • Or want a new android app developed from scratch?

 Whatever your problem is, don't worry,I have more than three years of experience in android development.

Just tell me what your problem is I will solve it for you within no time! Not only that but I'll help you learn and not have those kind of bugs and problems again! 

I love finding solution to problems!!!

And also if you are looking for developing new Android app from screatch I will help create a professionaal app with good material design for you.

REMINDER: The price for a complete app is not 5$, we can discuss pricing depending on the functionality and complexity of the app you need