I will be your virtual assistant for 2 hours

be your virtual assistant for 2 hours
be your virtual assistant for 2 hours

About This Gig

Hi there!

This gig is to assist you at $5 per 2 hours. 

I provide topnotch assistance. I offer unlimited task completion delivered the same day or within 24 hours. I am available 9am-5pm EST/New York. Please place your order Monday thru Friday for faster results and quicker response.

My services include:

  • Help you with planning & researching any topic
  • Book flights, hotels and activities
  • Organize, Classify or Tag Your Files
  • Help you arrange, filter, tag & catalog your files or products
  • Respond to emails
  • Schedule social media posts 
  • Help manage your project and track progress via your chosen method of collaboration
  • Make calls to customers on your behalf. These calls can be business-related, meetings or appointments, follow ups, reminders or administrative in nature. NO COLD CALLS

*Top Rated Seller* services available for you! I have a number of skills to offer here on Fiverr. 

Services/Extra gig

  • Social Media Management (1 month)
  • Customer Service Support (1 month)
  • Personal Caller (NO COLD CALLS)
  • PR & Digital Marketing Assistant (1 month)

I am happy to help with all of your business needs 

Hire me as your one-off or ONGOING personal assistant!!

Order Details

Basic Virtual Assistant

Work 2 hours

  • Travel Planning
  • 2 Hours of Work
  • Organize, Classify or Tag Your Files
  • Customer Service Support
2 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in Social Media Marketing & Management?
    25 Posts per gig - Scheduling posts Increase your Following Reach out to your Fans and Followers Promote your stuff - Social Ads (e.g. Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads) Social Networking - Joining and Networking in the right Groups Online Event Management Facebook Moderator or Administrator
  • What is included in PR & Digital Marketing?
    Create your Newsletters, Press Releases, Article & Blog Post Email Marketing Automation Inbox Management Media Contact List Editorial Calendars and Content Research & Data Spreadsheet Business Development Video and Audio Edits Digital Media Promotion (e.g. music, ebooks and recordings)
  • What is included in Virtual Assistant Services?
    Unlimited Virtual Administrative Tasks Scheduling & Calendar Management Answering emails and makng calls to established customers (no cold calls Social Media Upkeep Translations Billing & Invoicing clients Customer Service & Support (responding to customers but NO COLD CALLS) Transcribing
  • What is included in Customer Service & Support?
    I can manage your website on the back-end. I will respond to emails and contact customers by phone, manage your inventory, fulfill your orders and create coupons. I do not accept inbound calls but I can be your live chat agent. I am available to work 9AM - 5PM EST/New York.
  • Can you work during my time zome?
    It depends. As long as your time zone fits into my business hours. I am available based on your timezone, which would be: 9 AM - 5 PM EST (Eastern Standard) 8 AM - 4 PM CST (Central Standard) 7 AM- 3 PM MT (Mountain Time) 6 AM - 2 PM PST (Pacific Standard)
  • How many calls do you make per gig?
    I will make calls to your customers only (no cold calls). 2 for the $5 basic gig 10 calls for Standard gig ($50) 30 calls for Premium gig ($150) You can purchase additional calls per gig. All calls can be made the same day (if order is placed before 12 PM EST) or within 24 hours.
  • What calls DO you make?
    I will call established customers, follow up on leads (soft calls), your doctor, hairstylist, reminder calls. I do not make cold calls or telemarketing calls. If you purchase a gig just for calls, I will make all calls the same day and deliver results within 24 hours.