I will help with proofreading and editing jobs

help with proofreading and editing jobs

About This Gig

Hello:)) I am currently new to Fiverr & am looking to gain experience as a home based worker. I have an Associates Degree in Theater & am also a Certified Massage Therapist. Though I've been working for the same company for nearly 20 yrs in the Entertainment Dept & an MT for about 7 yrs,  I have always felt that I was meant to work from home. Besides that, I have an  eclectic range of hobbies I enjoy such as Acting, Reading & Writing, Fitness, & Nutrition, etc.... I'm pursuing this opportunity in order to specialize in helping writers complete various projects such as proofreading & editing their content, as well as other  tasks they may need help in.  I will gladly offer any assistance that should be needed for opinions, publishing, etc..I also look forward to helping buyers by expressing points of view on how to make their work better, if needed. Especially for school projects. I am able to proofread & edit at least up to 1200 words & definitely would look forward to the opportunity, if given the chance.  I look forward to working with u!

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3 days delivery