I will amazing Encyclopedia of Spells

amazing Encyclopedia of Spells
amazing Encyclopedia of Spells

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~~Its Amazing Encyclopedia of Spells with 210 pages ~~


Witchcraft Past and Present 7 Paganism 11 The Coming of the Bad Times 13 The Dawn of a New Age 18 The Wiccan Way 20

Candle Magick 25
The Basics of Tools and Rituals 31
Love Spells71
The Book of Shadows 73
Spells to Settle Arguments 119

Spells for Health 127 A Spell to Restore Good Health 129 A Spell for Healing 130 A Healing Spell that Uses Knots 131 A Spell with a Basket 132 A Spell to Break Unhealthy Habits 133 A Spell for Women of a Certain Age 134 A Spell to Help Conquer Dependence 136 A Kite Spell for Health 138

Spells to Attract Money 139 A Spell to Attract Cash 141 A Spell to Make You Think About Money 142 A Spell to Make a Money Bottle 144 A Spell that Uses Seaweed 145 A Spell to Cast on a Beach 146 A Spell that Banishes Poverty 147 A Spell that Reflects the Moon’s Power 148 A Coin Spell to Bring Wealth 149 A Spell that Asks for Prosperity 150

Spells for Job Seekers 151 A Spell for Those with Interviews in the Offing 153 A Spell to Make that Dream Job Yours 154 A Spell that’s Worth the Wait 156 A Spell to Get the Right Job for You 158

~~great illustrations and easy to read in English published in 2003; 210 pages.