I will sing your hook, chorus, or bridge for $5

/ 12 Days On Average
sing your hook, chorus, or bridge
sing your hook, chorus, or bridge

About This Gig

Singer and songwriter specializing in features on hooks and adding flavor to a naked track. Whether its a rap song that need some swag, a pop or soul song that needs backing, etc.
I can provide various voice services.
  • Chorus is the basic gig
  • Sing your bridge
  • 1 stack
  • add harmonies (+$5)
  • add an ad lib track (+$5)
  • Sing your entire track as a reference (+$20)
  • Add melody to your lyrics (+$20)
  • Listen to your track for feedback (+$5)

These services require a reference to be sent.  a start and stop point should be included in the description (:58-1:16 for example)

I will not mix the song, but will send you the vocal tracks individually bounced down for your own mixing and a reference so you can hear the levels. No effects will be added so you can tweak and put your own mixing sound on them. I will send you a sample of the work with Backgrounds and if you would like to purchase, add an additional $10.