I will produce 3d logo intro within 48 hours

Neo77x did a great job with this custom job. I explained what I was looking for and what I was going to use it for, and the project was completed in less than 5 hours. WOW!
Reviewed by gamarketing over 1 year ago
produce 3d logo intro within 48 hours
F1 Final

About This Gig

I will produce 3D amazing intro animation for your logo (Default color format, Grey format or black format)

What do you get for 5$ :

- Awesome 3d animation for your logo or text.
- 3 choices of the style (Default color, Grey or Black)
- Tagline under your logo (website, text,slogan)
- HD resolution
1280 X 720.
- MP4 output via H.264 codec.
- 30 fps frame rate - frame per second.

Full HD resolution 1920x1080 and 60 fps proposed in extras
'''''Any other format contact me before order '''''

I'll be there waiting for you !