I will translate 800 words from English to Spanish


About This Gig

¡Hey, que tal! My name is Santiago, and welcome to my Fiverr gig.

Whether you are a content creator who wants to reach a wider audience, a Spanish learner, or you just need a document translated for personal or professional reasons, I'm here to help!

As mentioned before, I will translate up to 800 words for you, from English to Spanish (usually in less than 24 hours!) for only $5. I'm comfortable translating about technology, self-improvement, language learning and most everyday topics.

If you need more than 800 words translated, I suggest you contact me and send me the documents you need translated, so that I can do a word count for you and send you a Custom Offer based on the exact number of words you need translated. That's so you get a fairer price! :)

I re-read each translation I finish to ensure I catch any possible mistake before I send you the finished product, and if you are not satisfied with my translation, I will fix and edit it until you feel happy with it.

I hope to talk to you later, and thanks for checking out my gig! ¡Éxitos! :D

P.S. This gig's URL has some outdated information that I cannot change. Sorry about that.

Order Details

Translation Package

I will translate your document from English to Spanish, and will proofread the final translation.

  • Up to 800 Words
  • Proofreading
2 days delivery
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