I will help you design your new international lifestyle

help you design your new international lifestyle
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Description Research (10 hours) Strategy (30 hours) Design (50 hours)
  Provide you with a initial consultation, research potential solutions and a custom report. In-depth strategic plan tailored to fit your needs. I will help you implement your strategic plan to design your new and exciting lifestyle.
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About This Gig

First off CONGRATULATIONS for finding this gig, It is intentionally hard to find.

This Fiverr exclusive comes with a 90% discount of all our services.

You will find plenty of experts trying to convince you to fly out to Costa Rica for a overpriced weekend event where you find yourself in a hotel conference room, sold on the promise that it could save you and your family from all the economic and political turmoil of society. Usually it all amounts to a sales pitch for a membership offering insider info, a real estate project promotion or a $300+ p/h consultant.

The Alternative that we offer is providing in-depth research and constructing strategic plans. Our goal is to help you optimize and create a new, affluent and affordable lifestyle.

This gig is design for-

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Travel hackers
  • Retirement planners
  • Investors
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Digital nomads

PLUS anyone who wants to learn how to utilize global companies, offshore banking and world travel to diversify internationally and build wealth strategically.

If you require further information, have a question or you are interested in placing an order please message me, We are always happy to help.