I will do illustrations of any kind

I literally can't say enough good things about neoxeven...seriously, I am continually impressed beyond words. Communication is incredible and the images I've ordered are better than I ever hoped for. I don't think I've ever had to send anything back for revisions - I'm not even exaggerating! I look so forward to working with this illustrator again!
Reviewed by alvosloh about 1 month ago
The cover and back of the book look amazing and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. Amazing images and fantastic communication. Absolutely recommend!
Reviewed by alvosloh 6 months ago
This was a difficult drawing because I didn't have a clear picture of this character in my head, so I couldn't relay the information to Neoxeven. He was patient with all my revisions and I am so happy with this drawing. I'd recommend him to anyone (and I do sometimes - strangers on the street :)
Reviewed by lsodea 8 months ago
Wonderful work! Completely pleased with the results here. I highly recommend this illustrator!
Reviewed by alvosloh 9 months ago
Neoxeven, is fast and good. Can't get any better.
Reviewed by lsodea 9 months ago
A great process and great creative work. Couldn't be happier.
Reviewed by charmq 10 months ago
Neoxeven delivers great work every time.
Reviewed by lsodea 10 months ago
This illustration was a tough one because I had a hard time describing what I wanted, but Neoxeven continued to sketch ideas until this was created. I love it. Creepy and wonderful. Thanks.
Reviewed by lsodea about 1 year ago
Once again Neoxeven has delivered what I wanted before I knew exactly what that was. I asked him to create a logo for me and gave him very vague details. He came up with several sketches and I loved the final one. I would recommend him to anyone and I do.
Reviewed by lsodea about 1 year ago
This artist is great. His work is great and working with him is great. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by lsodea over 1 year ago
Good implementation of the concept. Continuing to develop other items.
Reviewed by sendinghome over 1 year ago
Neoxeven has been not only talented but also easy to work with. I've requested small changes and he does them in a timely fashion. I'v even went back to him for minor changes to completed pieces and he's done the work-no charge. I'm so glad that I found him and I would recommend him to everyone.
Reviewed by lsodea over 1 year ago
Great insight into what we're attempting to create. Ordering more work
Reviewed by sendinghome over 1 year ago
Love the creepy looking creature that Neoxeven created. My readers should love it too. Neoxeven always delivers.
Reviewed by lsodea over 1 year ago
Neoxeven once again knocked my expectations out of the park. This time it was on a book cover. I love it completely, but I especially got a charge out of the little girl on the back (and so did my family).
Reviewed by lsodea over 1 year ago
This was a challenging job. I appreciate the way the seller was responsive, attention to copyright issue, and his communication was excellent.
Reviewed by sharynw over 1 year ago
Incredibly talented artist, lightning fast delivery, and highly responsive to input; I can;t say enough good things about this guy -- BUY THIS GIG NOW!!!!
Reviewed by coda_21 over 1 year ago
Reviewed by coda_21 over 1 year ago
Once again Neoxeven delivers far beyond my expectations. I love these renditions of my characters.
Reviewed by lsodea over 1 year ago
Once again Neoxeven has delivered beyond my expectations. If you are looking for an excellent illustrator who is professional, then look no further.
Reviewed by lsodea over 1 year ago
do illustrations of any kind
do illustrations of any kind
do illustrations of any kind
do illustrations of any kind

About This Gig

  • Hi! I'm a freelance artist and I'm doing digital commissions of almost any kind like fanarts, original concepts and characters, etc. I'm best at doing fantasy related illustrations but I'll do my best if you have something else in mind.

  •  I will send you a sketch of your desired piece first, and if you like it, I will proceed in finishing it. Delivery time will usually follow the timeline for the packages, but sometimes, orders will be delivered earlier. 


If you are interested in ordering a gig, message me first, so I can tell you if I'm able to do it or not. Sometimes, there are multiple gigs that I'm currently working on and I won't be able to do more than those or I'm currently busy doing school work.

I'm currently studying at University during September-April, so orders may not be accepted. I will be doing this full-time during summer, April-August. Summer season means more time, more order slots.

Have a great day!