I will write up to 600 words for you

write up to 600 words for you

About This Gig

I will write up to 550 words for you of either fiction or non-fiction.  This could be something you need for a blog, or something you need beefed up with more words.  I will write fanfiction only after a topic is confirmed with me first.  I will not do homework.  I've run a blog for over three years now, and I write creatively as a side job--I love creative gigs! 

Please contact me first about gigs longer than 300 words to make sure I have the capability to do a quality job.  If you're ordering multiple hundreds of words, please order through my extras--it makes it quite difficult to write large quantities without time extensions.  Most of the time, I will deliver very quickly (I love writing), and well under the delivery estimate.  If there's a pressing time limit, you can order my speedy delivery gig, and it will get to you within a couple of days.