I will give my OKCupid Automatic Search Message Script

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give my OKCupid Automatic Search Message Script
give my OKCupid Automatic Search Message Script

About This Gig

Hi all! I've been using this script I made myself when I was active on OKCupid. I'm really grateful for this script because it lead me now to current girlfriend. I thought I would share this with you. In just a FEW clicks and a couple of minutes, drink some beer and watch your inbox is going to be flooded with women!

Approximately the script can send 100+ messages every minute.
Are you still using the old school "copy & paste?" - sure it will also get you good results but with this script, you can FOCUS more on other things while it does what it needs to do to get you MORE girls chatting you!

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9yAxr6D-8Y
[as you can see, it's my OKC profile]

I repeat, THIS IS AUTOMATIC. Set it up for 30 seconds, and you can leave your computer while it's doing it's thing. You will get an update every time OKCupid site updates their site. Just PM me here.

Included in the package is the script for the browser and a very simple VIDEO instruction on how to integrate it and get it running.

For serious people who really want to get girls FAST! 
Please share us your experience when you use it so other people know how effective this beast!