I will advertising podcast on RADIO with thousands listeners

advertising podcast on  RADIO with thousands listeners

About This Gig

i will do DTong Radio" which airs on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Blubrry, BlogTalk, Spreaker, & more! for up to 1 minute

and do voiceover and submit it with mp3 free

The show airs live 4 days/week & receives thousands of live listeners & once in the archives is listened to by thousands more! This is Long Term Marketing as the archived episodes are accessed for years after! Link to your site on the showpage is included which is great for SEO

samples: goo.gl/c08Dob

tags: radio,advertising,Advertise, market, & promote your Business, Website, Book, Crowdfunding Campaign, App, Song, & more on our Popular Radio Podcast to THOUSANDS OF LISTENERS who listen the show on any device, anywhere, anytime!

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podcast radio pack

market promote on thousands podcast radio

6 days delivery