I will research and retrieve military records of your US ancestor

research and retrieve military records of your US ancestor

About This Gig

I will locate, obtain, and deliver the combined military service record of your Civil War ancestor or another Civil War veteran of your choice.  I can also find pension records from the Revolutionary 

War, War of 1812, and the Civil War, and limited records on military enlistments after the Civil War.

I will need as much information on your veteran as you can provide, including their full name, the state they were living in during the Civil War, the side they fought on, their state, regiment, and company.

If you do not have this information, consider ordering my genealogy research gig:  http://www.fiverr.com/newspoet/do-30-minutes-of-genealogy-research.

There are no guarantees that your veteran will have a record, or that the record will be lengthy if they do have one.  I can do a preliminary search if you contact me before ordering. 

Please understand that I am selling my time and effort to research and acquire these documents if they exist.  I cannot guarantee the existence or completeness of records.  Do not order this gig if you do not agree to these terms.