I will create or enhance an excel file

create or enhance an excel file

About This Gig

Do you have little  time to work on your data on an Excel File then,  I have  over 10 years experience in creating and formatting Excel Files. I will  use my expertise to
  • Do spreadsheet data entry
  • Set up a new spreadsheet or re-organize your current one
  • Create and format your tables (including conditional formatting)
  • Create pivot tables
  • Show your data in graphs and charts
  • Correct your formulas and functions
  • Search for values using VLOOKUP

for your  projects, for data entry,  for analyses of numbers or for reports and  presentations.  Please contact me before ordering this gig to discuss your project, whether you use a Mac or a PC  and to determine how long it will be. .

For extra fast or urgent jobs please contact me before ordering to determine my availability.