I will make you see your dead relative in your dream

make you see your dead relative in your dream

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Description See your dead friend/relative Allow you to communicate More than 1 person
  I will bring their phantom to you during your night dream. It takes 1-2 hours for me to do this. This will consume up to 4 hours of my time, but you should be able to communicate in your dream Choose this option if there is more than 1 person you would like to see/communicate with. Up to 4.
Delivery time 3 days
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About This Gig

In Tibet, monks are taught the nature of the afterworld and are able to "freeze" the life processes for more than 100 years, and awaken afterwards. We communicate with the dead, and they live among us. You have to believe they are among us, because they do not disappear unless they are remembered. To put it simply, the energy of this world creates barriers between the living and the dead. I can, by spending 2-4 hours of my time, help you to surpass these barriers and see or communicate with your dead relative or friend. Please note - you need to have had a strong emotional connection with that person, otherwise it will not work (e.g. you are unlikely to see or speak to a dead celebrity, as they didn't know you). Communication is not guaranteed, it will be up to the soul of that person and your energetic field, which I will lessen in order to make you see them. 

Standard delivery time is 2 nights, as it is very time consuming and can only do it in the evening. 

I will need only NAME OF YOU ONLY, because I will work only with YOUR energetic field. I will send you all necessary instruction of what to do before you go to bed. You will need a candle, preferably thin (like in churches).