I will do 3 Reiki sessions for balancing your chakras

do 3 Reiki sessions for balancing your chakras

About This Gig

The clearing of our energies helps balance our emotional state of mind and adds the power to overcome the daily problems and challenges that we all are confronted with.

Certain fears and emotions we are still holding on to might postpone our achievements or even block them for a long term.

By balancing all the chakras, our body is supported to restore its normal function, energies are free to circulate, positive emotions help cleansing our general state of mind and thoughts are guided in a far more constructive way for our overall benefit.

Reiki is a spiritual 
Japanese technique that allows sending healing energies everywhere in the world, helping the person that receives it to improve his/hers health condition, to solve physical imbalances, to alleviate pain and heal some illnesses or sufferings.