I will proofread And Edit Any Document

proofread And Edit Any Document

About This Gig

At your request, I will take any document you have; An essay, a manuscript, anything, and proofread through the entire thing.  I'll fix any notable spelling and grammar mistakes that I find on the spot, as
well as add in comments regarding places where the grammatical misstep could have been a style element (so you can change it if it wasn't!) or where the text could simply sound/flow better so that if you'd like to take my suggestion, you can.  It's 5$ per 10,000 words, so essays are cheap and even full novels shouldn't rack up too much of a bill.  And yes, I do mean any text document.  If you have images I'd like to ask you to send me a version without them, but I can edit anything from the history of rocks to 'problematic' fanfiction.

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Proofread + Edit

I will fix spelling, grammar, and flow issues in your document.

  • Up to 10000 Words
  • Feedback
7 days delivery 1 Revision