I will show you how to produce a hip hop beat in FL Studio

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show you how to produce a hip hop beat in FL Studio

About This Gig

For just $5, I will send you a high quality, simple introductory video explaining how to make a hip hop beat in FL Studio 8, using nothing other than your computer's built-in keyboard. No previous music or beat production experience is necessary!

My explanation is broken down into 4 easy steps that apply to every beat you will make:

1. Obtain a sample or MIDI instrument

2. Lay down a drum track

3. Arrange patterns into a song

4. Apply the finishing touches (I share a secret mastering trick that's easy and gives your beat a very professional sound!)

Why order from me?

I have been producing hip hop beats for rappers professionally for about 5 years and I taught myself everything from scratch! This means that I can explain things to you in simple terms that will be easy to understand and enable you to start making awesome beats very soon!!

The basic formula for beat production contained in this video will help you approach every beat you make systematically, improving your efficiency as a producer!

There is a hot market for hip hop beats currently, so this simple $5 investment could turn itself into a very strong income for you if you decide to sell your beats online!

Thanks! :)

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