I will professionaly master your song within 24 hours

professionaly master your song within 24 hours

About This Gig

I'm Nick and 
I'm new on Fiverr.
I've been in the music industry for about 6 years and done countless of jobs for happy customers :)
I'm specialized in Electronic music but I have done a lot of acoustic music as well.

•  WAV/AIFF files 24 bit are best. WAV 16 bit is also fine but not prefferable.
•  Make sure the volume of your mix doesn't over-extend -3 dB.

Professional Mastering
•  Detailed Equalization
•  Multi-Band Compression
•  Dynamic Range Enhancement 
•  Harmonic Saturation Processing
•  Stereo Imaging
•  Clarity boost & Warm low-end punch that may be missing from your flat mixes
•  No "presets" applied, every song is processed based on its needs
•  Competitive volume maximization for commercial purposes.

Quick Delivery!
Your song will be returned in 24 hours or less in 24bit/16bits-WAV and 320kbps MP3 format.

Mastering Samples
Music I've done:  

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Mastering your music!

Mastering of your mixed song to a professional level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I send my WAV file?
    You can send it to me via we-transfer to my email; info@nickdouble.com
  • What does mastering do?
    Mastering is a form of post-production, one of the final steps in the process of a song. We tend to boost the volume, do harmonic enhances and add dynamics, equalize and take out the mud, enhance the frequencies for radio purposes , get it commercially loud and ready for radio/commercial play!
  • Why are you different from other mastering companies?
    Well, each engineer tends to use his own methods, I for example like to make a punchy but still clear mix that gets a lot of power from the low-end as well as the high-end.