I will letters from The Doctor

letters from The Doctor

About This Gig

One handwritten letter from the 10th Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant in the science fiction series Doctor Who.

Handwritten on 8.5" x 11" aged parchment paper, this unique, one of a kind gift, is a must have for fans of the legendary Time Lord. We use smudge free ink to produce original, high-quality letters that fans and collectors will enjoy for years to come.

Known by Whovians around the galaxy for his quick wit, youthful energy, and
sticky-uppy hair. Enjoy your own personal correspondence with The Doctor!

Each letter is handcrafted and written from the perspective of The 10th Doctor, mimicking the characters native tongue, and embracing many of the doctors quirks and peculiarities.

Each letter is limited to (approx) 200 words, and buyers are encouraged to send us a brief description of the type of personal event or conversation they wish the letter to touch upon.

Examples: Love letters, letters of congratulations, birthday greetings, etc.

When ordering please specify the nature of the event each letter is to be written for in order to customize.


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