I will send you a personalized Hogwarts Acceptance letter

send you a personalized Hogwarts Acceptance letter

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  Hogwarts Acceptance Letters sent to you via Fiverr Hogwarts Acceptance Letters sent to you from a Hogwarts email address. Hogwarts Acceptance Letters printed on parchment paper & sent to your postal address.
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About This Gig

Ever dreamed of going to Witchcraft and Wizardry School and living the fantasy? Well now you can! Or at least look like you can.... 

Introducing our AWESOME Witchcraft and Wizardry School Acceptance letters personalised with YOUR NAME on them! The most exciting gift for 2016 by far!

if you know somebody that is into Witchcraft and Wizardry then they will LOVE this item (most fans are brought to tears when opening their letters! as they look so good!)

The letters look amazing as we use only the finest REAL parchment paper!

Gig consists of: 

1) Acceptance to Hogwarts with Professor McGonagall's Signature!
2) List of Requirement for Hogwarts 
3) Letter from Minister of Magic (explains why they are using muggle post instead of owl post)

This is the ONLY gig on Fiverr where you have the option to have your letters shipped to you/your recipient's address!

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