I will brainstorm a catchy title and subtitle for your book

brainstorm a catchy title and subtitle for your book

About This Gig

Great, you just finished writing your book... and now?
Did you know a great, catchy title accounts for 80% of its sales. And most of the time the Author is too much involved to choose the best title, something to make your writing and your efforts stand out from the crowd.
Just relax, you are already 50% off your problem!
I can easily provide a list of three titles and subtitles for your book, no matter if you want to sell it in print or as an ebook.
I am published author as well and experienced the same difficulties you are facing now.
Just tell me what you want to achieve, give me detailed information and you're done. You will have your title ready in a matter of hours.
Success is waiting for you. Just be smart and make it happen sooner than you think!
Check also for my extras: I can help you with your Table of Contents, chapter titles, overall organization and more.