I will create an expert one sheet that sells you as a screenwriter

create an expert one sheet that sells you as a screenwriter
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About This Gig

Congratulations on completing your script(s)! Now that you've made it through the first difficult task of being a writer, onto the next one... getting yourself noticed.  

Like many of us, you've probably sent out query letters to film companies in hopes of hearing a yes!

With the purchase of my professional one-sheet, you'll take a giant leap closer to that YES! Having a finished script is great, but companies want to see what you're capable of as a writer. 

My one-sheet will not only sell your screenplay, but also you as a screenwriter

I've included my one-sheet (all personal information taken out) to give you an understanding of what you'll be getting for only $5. Whether your script is an idea, logline, outline, or a full script, this one-sheet will provide companies with a better sense of what you can offer them.

What I need:

  • Name and contact information (You can include info yourself if you feel more comfortable)
  • Quick bio 
  • Names of all scripts, TV shows, etc. 
  • Stage they're all in.
  • Loglines for each. 

I'll skillfully format everything into a one-sheet that's guaranteed to give you a boost when trying to make it in the industry. 

Don't have loglines yet? Check out my gig extras! :)