I will expertly review your childrens stories

expertly review your childrens stories
expertly review your childrens stories

About This Gig

Writing an exciting children's story can be daunting when you first sit down to write it. Writers can often end up doubting themselves and their abilities. 

Have you ever wondered if you've used correct punctuation and grammar? Have you questioned if your plot is captivating enough to hold a child's attention? Or if you've used age appropriate words?

When you order my gig, I will read your children's story and provide you with one full page worth of in-depth notes on how to improve it.

My notes touch on your strengths and provide helpful tips on how to enhance the quality of your story. I reference specific parts of your story so as to deliver clear and concise notes. 

Topics to be discussed: 
Plot, characters, tone, structure, dialogue, formatting, grammar, punctuation and anything you personally feel is an issue. 

My notes are written in Times New Roman, 12 font, single spaced.

Basic gig includes review for:
-1x children's story up to 800 words long (please see gig extras for longer stories)
-OR multiple stories, which add up to 800 words in total 


**All returning customers instantly receive 200 extra words added to their order, at no cost! 

Nicole :)

Stellar Notes

Includes a detailed 1 page review of your children's story/ies, up to 800 words

3 days delivery