I will ping and linklicious 1000 back URLs

ping and linklicious 1000 back URLs

About This Gig

ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated. An XML-RPC signal is sent from the weblog to one or more "Ping Server(s)" to notify a list of their "Services" of new content on the It.

Ultimately help google to index & crawl immediately.

A Ping Server may notify multiple services when pinged;

  • Search Engines
  • Website Directories
  • News Websites
  • Aggregators
  • Feed Websites
  • And Many Others

Linklicious getting crawls on all your back URL is a really simple concept that many SEOs don't fully understand. Let's walk through an example so it becomes clear...

Say you build 1000 links to your site. 800 of them are on a new page (forum profiles, social bookmarks, articles) and 200 of them are on existing pages.

Linklicious follows and tracks all of your so that 100% of them get counted by Google. No more wasted money building invisible links means money saved and in your pocket for more important things.

Screen shot proofs will be provided on completion.