I will manage your social media page for 4 days

manage your social media page for 4 days

About This Gig

"The oldest form of Marketing - word of mouth - with the newest form of Technology"

Social Media nowadays gives you an easy way to tell your opinion, sell products, services and also yourself ! It is the easiest way to reach potential customers and influence people, if used with the right way..!

Of course, managing pages on Facebook, Instagram and other social media requires Time, Creativity and Originality...well also a little bit of Psychology might help a bit ! These are only a few secrets to be 'social" !!

-->I will help you manage your Facebook or Instagram pages for 10$ a week..! <--

Of course, I will also help you with any other media you prefer.. Pinterest, Google+ and so on..!                                              

^^For the first page the price is 10$ per week (2 gigs) ONLY FOR ONE SOCIAL MEDIA, SHOULD YOU WANT MANAGEMENT FOR MORE OF THEM, EACH +1 MEDIA IS 5$ PER WEEK^^          

Contact me before placing the order so we can find the best way to boost your page, company or anything you want to promote !!

*Prices may vary depending on your requirements. In those cases I will send you a custom offer !