I will be a listening ear until you feel better

be a listening ear until you feel better

About This Gig

* Before I everything else, I would like to point out that if you have the option to talk to a licensed therapist or a specialist who can really help you with the issues you’re facing, you should do so.*

That out of the way, I know that NOT everyone has the luxury of time to visit a licensed therapist. I am the alternative. 

I am not a professional counselor, I am a Nurse, specializing in human behavior.

If you think that all you need is a listening ear to vent, figure-out decisions, or just give your mind a rest from a stressful day, I am your best bet. 

Did you know that constant conversation with someone is one of the fastest way for our bodies to heal from all the stresses it endured the whole day?

Make it a habit, find someone to have light conversions with, or book a gig with me before calling it a day. You will be surprised on how refreshed and relaxed your mind would be the next morning. 

For $5, air out what is on your mind. Your mind, you need it.

*This write-up has been well-thought about and original. I gave my heart and soul into writing this, I would appreciate it if you won't copy and paste and call it your own. xoxo

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Vent to Someone

I will be a listening ear until you feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do guided meditations?
    Yes, I offer guided meditations if I see the need for it
  • What if I just want to talk to someone, I don't have a problem?
    As the gig says, I am your listening ear... no problems required. :)