I will look at your website with fresh eyes

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look at your website with fresh eyes

About This Gig

Sometimes when you spend a lot of time working on a favorite project you get too close to it. Familiarity can cause you to assume, often without realizing it, that everyone sees it the same way you do or that they know more about your field than they do. I will look at your website with a pair of fresh eyes, using my experience in copy, visual perception, and attention span research to see your site in terms of how easy it is to read and follow. I will make four or five suggestions for you to consider in terms of organization, copy, type, etc., which may make it more effective.

I have experience in research (both qualitative and quantative), advertising, editorial, direct marketing, media buying, publishing, marketing, media buying and public relations which work together for a practical view of how things work today.

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