I will fix bug in iOS application

fix bug in iOS application
fix bug in iOS application
fix bug in iOS application

About This Gig

A bug in your iPhone app can frustrate your users and cause you to lose valuable revenue. If you notice any bugs in your app, you should act fast. We are an experienced team of iPhone / Android Phone developers, and we specialise in fixing bugs for iOS8 and iOS9.

Is your app just not working? Is it intermittently stalling or freezing up? Perhaps you have been left hanging by a bad developer? We know that your app is an integral part of your livelihood and it needs to be working in top shape at all times, and we can help you get back on track if your app is suffering from any of these issues:

✓ Compatibility Issues
✓ iOS
✓ New app versions
✓ Update for new iOS releases (e.g. iOS 9)
✓ Error and bug fixes (e.g. time zone, database issues)
✓ Cosmetics bugs
(If you have Integration bugs - please let us know what these are before order)

- We will fix 1-2 issues that you are having with your app - 
- A thorough assessment of any other issues that could be improved with your app (Presented to you)
- No invoice raised until you are satisfied.
- Advise about branding, app design, and marketing from an industry expert

Order Details

2 days delivery

Upgrade your application to iOS 10

Submit your application with capability of iOS 10

  • App Submission