I will do a Specific Tarot Reading

do a Specific Tarot Reading
do a Specific Tarot Reading
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About This Gig

Using my witch's tarot cards illustrated with a mystical theme, I will give you a tarot reading of your choice. 

In your message, please state the type of reading and be sure to add any extras you may want as mentioned below when checking out. 

Tarot Card of the day - A card to give you wisdom for the day.

Weekly Reading - A reading for your week ahead. 

Past, Present and Future - A brief reading using three cards to advise you based on your past, present and future.

Yes or No - A reading asking a yes or no question. If you get a neutral answer it's best to do another reading at a later point in time to clarify. 

7 Card Reading - A reading based on the question of your answer with advice for your future.


Basic gig - A tarot reading written in a message with the pictures of your cards. 


Oracle cards - A perfect way to round off your spiritual reading. This tells you the specific Chakra in your body that's blocked.

Written report - A Microsoft Word document of your reading including the date and a picture of the cards for you to download. 

Video - A narrated video of your reading giving an explanation of your cards for you to download.

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