I will perform an Accurate 2 Question Psychic Tarot Reading

perform an Accurate 2 Question Psychic Tarot Reading

About This Gig

Hello and thank you for stopping by! 

I’m Nina and I am a full-time professional Tarot reader and a natural born Empath. This ability allows me to intuitively connect to others on the subconscious level. My professional Tarot journey started over 10 years ago, during which time I have helped many people all over the globe in their time of need.


Basic One Fiverr Gig

You will receive an accurate and very personalized 2 question reading, which will be at least 100 words in length. When performing a reading I not only look at the cards, but I intuitively feel what those cards mean for you. You will therefore receive a detailed reading, and NOT merely a "yes or no" answer. 

Gig Extras: Recommended 

When you order a gig extra you will receive a longer and more detailed reading. Please look at the gig extras below. This is a great option If you need a more insightful and longer Tarot reading.