I will perform an Accurate Romantic Relationship Tarot Reading

perform an Accurate Romantic Relationship  Tarot Reading

About This Gig

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This is the ideal reading, if you are in a romantic relationship and would like to know where it is headed, and what your partner truly feels and desires. This highly accurate Tarot reading will help you to better understand the dynamics of your relationship. It will also help you to see and resolve any challenges within the relationship. 


You will receive an in-depth reading that will be at least 100 words in length, and not merely a "yes or no" answer. I do recommend longer readings, because they will be more helpful to you. Look at the gig extras below. 

GIG EXTRAS - A more in-depth reading

A wonderful option, If you need a more in-depth and longer reading. Choose one of the Gig Extras below.  

New! Tarot reading plus astrological synastry report, to give you a better understanding of your compatibility and relationship dynamics.