I will perform a 6 Month Outlook Tarot Reading

perform a 6 Month Outlook Tarot Reading

About This Gig

I’m Nina and I am a full-time professional Tarot reader and a natural born Empath. This ability allows me to intuitively connect to others on the subconscious level. My professional Tarot journey started over 10 years ago, during which time I have helped many people all over the globe in their time of need.


This reading is meant to give you a glimpse into the energies, which will be influencing you in the next six months. It is especially helpful when you are facing a situation where you need to plan ahead. I like to tailor all my readings to my client’s needs and concerns, so feel free to message me your points of interest, so that I can create a spread that will be the most helpful for you. This is not a general reading, I don’t like to perform these, because they don’t reveal information that is of much use.


You will receive an in-depth reading that will be at least 100 words in length, and not merely a "yes or no" answer. I do recommend longer readings, because they will be more helpful to you. Please look at the gig extras below. 

GIG EXTRAS - A more in-depth reading, recommended.