I will perform an Internet Love Psychic Tarot Reading

perform an Internet Love Psychic Tarot Reading

About This Gig

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I’m Nina and I am a full-time professional Tarot reader. My professional Tarot journey started over 10 years ago, during which time I have helped many people all over the globe in their time of need. 

This spread is ideal if you have met someone on the internet,  and would like to know how compatible you are with them.  Stop wondering if the person you are interacting with online is all they say they are, and find out the facts. 

For one Fiverr 

you will receive an insightful and in-depth reading that will be approximately 100 words in length.  All of my Tarot readings are presented as a Word document, with a clear photo of the spread.

Gig Extras 

If you need a more insightful and in-depth reading,  then you can choose one of my Gig Extras below!

I look forward to reading for you!