I will advise on AWS architecture

Ninjacloud is a very competent and technical thinker. Super impressed with the final delivery!
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advise on AWS architecture

About This Gig

So you want to build your next web site, web service, mobile backend, data processing pipeline, etc. You know you want to use Amazon Web Services because AWS is the leader in cloud hosting. But using Amazon does not make your service amazing automatically. Amazon provides the infrastructure, but it is up to you to make your service secure, highly available, scalable, reliable, etc. All this is possible with the AWS infrastructure, including services such as EC2, S3, AutoScaling, SQS and more.

I will listen to your needs to help you come up with a cloud topology that you can implement to achieve all of the aforementioned goals.

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6 days delivery 2 Revisions

Design your Infrastructure

Given your application requirements I will design an infrastructure diagram maximizing the cloud.