I will write Copy That Makes People Want To BUY

write Copy That Makes People Want To BUY
write Copy That Makes People Want To BUY

About This Gig

Do you want to turn your website or landing page into an ATM?

A cash machine that you wake up to each morning to see new sale after new sale after new sale.

It’s simple, you need
words that SELL. Words that communicate to your users on a subconscious level that makes them WANT TO BUY.

So what creates this subconscious desire?

The secret is using scientifically tested and proven psychological triggers.

It’s not theory, it’s based on real science and data.

This is the scientifically proven fastest and easiest way to sell more.

You simply just use these cutting-edge psychological triggers that are based on groundbreaking science to make them WANT TO BUY

This is why we've had so many success stories with our 91+ private clients. In fact, our best clients have been featured on CNN, Men's Health, Facebook, GQ & Vanity Fair.

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This job is up to 20 words for $5

My most popular gig is 400 words
    • 400 words = $125
    • 1,000 words = $250

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